August 28, 2007

"Tragic consequence"?

"Tragic consequence"? Is that what you call it when abused dogs are offered a chance to lead safe, happy lives in loving homes? Since when is expert assessment of a dog's potential to thrive under responsible management a "tragic consequence"?

John Goodwin of the HSUS is the sour grapes poster boy of the year:
Goodwin said his organization opposed the behavioral testing because it could be inconsistent in evaluating how the dogs would react when they interacted with other animals.

“The fact that these dogs are put in such an impossible situation is just another tragic consequence of dogfighting,” he said.
How ironic that the folks who so aggressively solicited funds to "help us care for these animals" --- and who took such pains to make sure an HSUS t-shirt appeared in every photo --- are now lobbying to have all the dogs killed as quickly as possible. Way to show how much you care, HSUS.

Interesting to contrast the position of the HSUS and comments by PETA ["These dogs are a ticking time bomb"] with the eminently sane remarks by ASPCA president Ed Sayres:

As part of this process, BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), a San Francisco-based non profit organization that is an educational resource for pit bull owners and the shelters that house them, will be working with the ASPCA-led team to help identify dogs that can be absorbed into experienced foster programs for further observation and possible re-homing into appropriate homes—one of several possible outcomes for these dogs.

“We greatly appreciate the trust placed in us by the USDA to ensure that these dogs are given every opportunity to have a second chance, and take this phase of the investigation very seriously,” said Ed Sayres, ASPCA president & CEO. “Fighting dogs obviously face a lot of challenges when considered for rehabilitation or placement but we will make sure they get the professional, thorough and detailed evaluations that they deserve.”
BAD RAP's Donna Reynolds: "Every dog is an individual and deserves to be treated as such."



Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that old media is still giving space to H$U$ and Peta.

They think they care about animals and are experts.


Anonymous said...

let's hope the evals DO have tragic consequences... for HSUS! and their efforts to demonize pit bulls and play both ends against the middle. MAYBE just MAYBE people will see what horrible cruel hypocrites they are.

there is little doubt that at least a few of the dogs can be appropriately rehomed. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to show up the HSUS.

Which is exactly what they're afraid of.