August 20, 2007

English Nationals

Busby Hall, North Yorkshire: they're on the cross drive, near the tree. A screen cap from Vic Morris's run with Nip.

Complete results for the English National Sheepdog Trials are available at the ISDS site. Winners were Paul Turnbull with Mirk. The English Nationals were run with just 300 sheep due to the restrictions on livestock movement triggered by the foot and mouth disease outbreak --- the trial format was altered, and there was a run-off over a shortened course to determine the winner.

Mike Cooke of UK-based Border Collie Rescue in North Yorkshire was at the trials with a camera, and kind enough to forward video information to Sheepdog-L. Here are three runs from the first day [August 16th].

The first is Thomas Longton with Lady. Score: 142 points.

Next is 15 year old Sophie Holt with her three year old Harvey. Their score: 163.

And finally, Vic Morris with Nip. Their score of 177 wasn't the highest of the day --- they were fourth --- but it was high enough to earn them a spot on the English team headed to Ireland next month.

The Scottish Nationals will be held August 23 - 25, the Welsh Nationals [postponed due to the disease outbreak] September 3 - 5, and the 2007 International September 14 - 16 in Kilkenny, Ireland.

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