August 14, 2007

L & M Ranch III

Uno keeps everything under control. All photos courtesy of Laura Hicks: used with permission. [Click on photos for a larger view.]

Huge thanks to Laura of the L & M Ranch for sharing her photos. I love shots of real dogs doing real work [and resting after work, and waiting to work] and I love photos of beautiful country. Laura's photos have both the good dogs and the beautiful country.

This is Laura and Mike's youngest son Brady working a young dog named Mist:

Oldest son Dustin walks behind as Kat drives a group of ewes from one pasture to the next:

Both Laura and Dustin ran dogs at the 9th Annual Upper Midwest Stockdog Challenge at Jordan, Minnesota in late July. The two of them also helped with set out. Dustin did very well in the Novice classes with Kat:

In this photo, Laura and Zac are working to shed a group of farm-flock ewes --- not the same as shedding range sheep:

Laura and Zac were just three points behind leaders Alasdair MacRae and Star in the first round of Open.

Laura, thanks again for sharing these great photos, and good luck in the National Sheepdog Finals in Gettysburg! Yeah, I think you should make the trip ;~)

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