August 14, 2007

L & M Ranch II

Zac watches another dog at work on the L & M Ranch, South Dakota. All photos courtesy of Laura Hicks: used with permission. [Click on photos for a larger view.]

Uno in a rare, [somewhat] relaxed moment:

Reece, a friend's dog, works the larger flock for the first time, and does a terrific job. The big white dog tagging along is a livestock guardian dog [LGD] that lives with the sheep in order to protect them from coyotes, mountain lions and stray dogs.

"Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked": Simba is one of the L & M Ranch LGDs. He is an Akbash/Great Pyrenees cross:

Whose colt? I had to post this photo to try to remind myself why I am not moving to South Dakota immediately. [Hint: it's that cold, white stuff.] A few of the L & M Ranch quarter horses:

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