August 28, 2007

Oh, the humanity

Good-bye, cruel world.

A regular Einstein, this one.

Dog Needs Better Life Than What I Can Provide

My female dog is a mixed border collie house trained around 9 years old that is very healthy. Day's she is locked in a small room in basement because wife works from home on phone and dog barks at kids and babysitter. Nite time, dog is separated from us most times because we don't want our infant scratched accidentally. Dog needs to be only pet in home or will bark nonstop (it is a border collie) and she will nip at kids that pull on her fur. Hopefully someone can provide a better life for her.

I see a lot of posts from nutcases who are extreme in their positions on animals. I urge one of them to step forward and take this dog to show their concern rather than bashing people who need to rehome thieir pets.

If you think you might be able to help this poor dog, here's a link: Chicago Craigslist. Please don't give the man too much of a cyber-thrashing --- I'm afraid he'd just dump her at the pound. The link has already been posted on few border collie rescue sites.

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