August 4, 2008

"Write on coffee, rewrite on scotch"

ZOMG, I would give anything, anything, to have a workspace as perfect and minimalist and spotless as that one up above, which belongs to an actual designer who creates cool stuff for Sony and Nike and Coca-Cola. Check out his portfolio here. The office photos in this post are all from WhereWeDoWhatWeDo. Art at left by Ron Barrett, from the NY Times.

But more about me.

This is my real fantasy workspace. How cool the way the mirrored doors make a small space seem larger. Three monitors...!

No, wait. Actually, this is my favorite, the absolute best workspace ever:

I totally want six monitors. OMG, when I look at that photo I could just scream. If that were really my workspace I would write 50 blog posts a day, just like Andrew Sullivan. [I wish.]

I love Andrew's blog, and I love his recent comments about blogging:
The Dish is a portal as well as a blog - to all the information and ideas percolating out there. And my role has evolved from purely an opiner to a web DJ of sorts, re-mixing and finding and editing the thoughts and images and facts of others.
The blog Politics of Scrabble replies:
As blogging evolves there may very well emerge different classes of blogs, some of which may be more generalist within a given sphere[...], some of which may drill down into very particular issues and topics, offering very specific and nuanced insights. That the latter isn’t currently available in large numbers doesn’t mean that more and more expert blogs won’t continue popping up as the medium marches forward. And as they do start popping up, generalist blogs that enjoy high readership can both point readers in the direction of those expert blogs, as Sullivan notes about his own blog, acting as portals to the vast fields of information out there to be harvested, as well as house the continued conversation about that information, acting as second-by-second synthesizing plants and clearing houses.
There's a mission statement in there someplace.

Over at Ask MetaFilter a poster, who is not I not me, wants to know:
"How do I kill the perfectionism, the precious and fearful impulses, and the self-doubt that keeps me from completing my creative writing projects?"
Fave response: "Trust me on this. The best thing you can strive to be is competent." Also: more caffeine. I'm off to brew more CTC fine Assam.

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