August 5, 2008

Cloned pups, doubtful DNA

The first pet dog clones are making their video debut today. They're pit bull puppies, and they're adorable. I'd never pay $50,000 to clone a dog of mine [remind me I said this when I win the lottery], but the money was Ms. McKinney's to spend, and if she'd bought a new car instead, no one would have thought twice. Check out the video of the new pups here.

Brent over at KC Dog Blog has some thoughts on the test-your-dog's-DNA con game business:
I've seen a few of these DNA tests. Here's what I'll say about them. They might be complete bunk. Every "expert" I've ever talked to that has worked with DNA tests and dog breeds has been stunned by the results. They may be crap. Or, they may be 100% accurate and be picking up on the hundreds of years of mixing dog breeds that humans have done to get ideal characteristics -- which means that most "purebred" anything are really just perfected mixes over a history of time. Basically what Labradoodles will be like in 150 years.
Here's a video of an AKC CH AmStaff getting his DNA results. Silly me, did I say AmStaff? I meant border collie mix. D'oh!

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