August 23, 2008

Wheel of Karma catches up with AB 1634

How many dogs and cats would be alive today if the people supporting this legislation had chosen to devote all that effort, all that time and all that money to actually, you know, saving pets?

Huge thanks to Laura over at Save Our Dogs and to all the other dog and cat folks who wore out phones, fax machines and shoe leather to help defeat a rotten bill. Wayne "I don’t want to see another dog or cat born" Pacelle's dream of pet extinction and PETA's goal of a "No-Birth Nation" derailed in California, yay us.

It should be obvious to anyone with enough neurons to make a synapse that politicians and people who kill over 90% of the animals they collect have no business making decisions about my dogs' health. My vets and I will make those decisions, thanks. 27 votes against Ab 1634, and only 5 votes in favor...! Looks like a mandate for sanity to me.

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