August 22, 2008

Serial mouse-murderer given a pass by speciesist animal rights activists

Are we having fun yet? Pooka "plays" with a mouse. Photo by abux_77.

Al Martinez of the L.A. Times wonders whether Ernie, a serial mouse-killer, will become a target of animal rights activists:

Our cat Ernie killed a mouse the other night and I was terrified.

It is not the first time he has done in mice that have invaded our home, and now I fear he may be targeted by animal rights activists.

I buried the mouse in the dark of night in an unmarked grave and hope that the masked terrorists who attack homes with firebombs in the name of animal welfare realize that the rodent's death was simply the result of the age-old game of cat and mouse.
You can read the rest of Martinez's most excellent take on animal rights violence here.

Odd that cats get a pass but researchers are firebombed. What do the activists who shun silk and honey think when they read about the tarantula hawk, a wasp that lays her egg on the body of a live, paralyzed spider so that her larva will have a ready supply of fresh food? Do mice caught by cats matter less than mice used in medical studies? The movement to "end all animal suffering" is a sea of double standards, if you ask me. "Madman's logic," writes Al Martinez.


Caveat said...

No kidding. One of the P zombies was on radio here recently. One caller asked what they intended to do about other species who hunt, kill and eat animals.

Good question, eh? There didn't seem to be an answer for that in the playbook.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're ok with that, because it's "nature". I asked an Ark 2 person the same question once - "Why is it OK for wild animals to kill each other?", and her response was "We could wish it was otherwise, but humans have options, and so do the species we've 'forced' (her words) to co habitate with us".

AR folks is just plain crazy.