August 7, 2008

Mountain lion, er... "mountain lion" updates

Did I tell you about that time a mountain lion fell through the window? Yeah, I did. On the left, a cub on a front porch in Ventura, CA, from Flickr.

I am so using the hot new "a mountain lion attacked me" excuse the next time I get scratched up on a hike. Let's face it, "I tripped and fell in a patch of buckthorn" just makes people think you're a loser.

Palo Alto hiker "attacked" by "mountain lion"

Orange County hiker says [wink, wink] he was attacked by mountain lion

Meanwhile, in Colorado:

Man walking with wife shoots mountain lion

Mountain lion enters bedroom, kills family dog; CNN report & video ; Local news report & video

[Note to self: check doors. And leave packages outside.]

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Anonymous said...

Luisa, love your work here. Fantastic site! Check out this latest headline. So scary for all of us who keep and love dogs.,2933,399882,00.html