July 12, 2007

Got a comment?

Now with new commentary goodness. "Jane, you ignorant slut!" "Wow, I love your blog! ¡Besitos!" Moderated, so thanks in advance for your patience.


I've added a link to the Save Our Dogs site in the sidebar. They oppose the currently-malingering AB 1634, and I believe they've made a real effort to present factual info without distortions and hysteria.


Know a great shelter pit bull that could use a home? Of course you do --- they make up the majority of dogs in California shelters. 41% of the dogs euthanized last year in L.A. were pit bulls or pit mixes, according to Ed Boks. Most of you are familiar with Petfinder, and PetHarbor is another good search tool if you're looking to adopt a shelter pit bull.

My advice: if you're new to the breed, get your first pit bull from a good, established rescue like BAD RAP or from a shelter where the animal control officers are pit-friendly and pit-experienced. Ask if the ACOs have pit bulls of their own [many do] and how they evaluate temperaments.

At one municipal shelter near me the "temperament test" [don't mention Sue Sternberg to these folks] involves giving a dog free run of the office for a few days. That means dealing with resident cats, a resident alpha dog, phones ringing constantly, chew toys on the floor, treats on the counter and a constant stream of people. It's the best, most reliable temperament test I know.

I have a strong bias in favor of shelter pit bulls, myself. Dogs in rescue are safe. Shelter pit bulls are dead dogs walking. 41% of all dogs killed in L.A. are pits. 20,000 of them are killed each year in Bay Area shelters. Care about shelter dogs? Adopt a pit bull.

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