July 10, 2007

Hey, kids! Check out the AB1634 Dysplasia Primer!

See Spot.

Spot is sad.

Spot can’t run or play.

Spot has elbow dysplasia.

Can you say “dysplasia”?

Spot is very sick.

Spot’s elbow bones hurt.

Can you feel the bones in your elbow?

Spot has elbow bones, too.

The bones in Spot’s elbow are falling apart. They are grinding together.

That really hurts!

Spot visits the doctor. The doctor says, “Spot needs an operation.”

Spot cries and cries.

Spot’s human mommy cries and cries.

How did Spot get dysplasia?

Spot got dysplasia from his parents.

When a mother dog has dysplasia, she should not have puppies.

When a father dog has dysplasia, he should not have puppies.

But Spot’s parents didn’t know until it was too late.

Poor Spot!

Poor Spot’s human mommy!

How can the doctor tell if a father dog has dysplasia?

How can the doctor tell if a mother dog has dysplasia?

The doctor takes x-rays.

He takes x-rays of the mother dog’s elbows.

He takes x-rays of the father dog’s elbows.

The doctor sends the x-rays to the OFA.

The OFA knows all about dysplasia.

People at the OFA look at the x-rays.

They look at many x-rays.

They say, “This dog has normal elbows! And this dog has normal elbows, too. But this dog has dysplasia. His elbows don’t look good. We hope he never has puppies!”

Spot has an operation.

His elbows still hurt.

Spot takes medicine. He feels a little better.

Spot’s human mommy says, “I love Spot! I hate dysplasia!”

Some people don’t have dogs.

They don’t know about dysplasia.

They wrote a bill. A bill is an idea for a law.

Some bills are good ideas.

Some bills are bad ideas.

Their bill is called the “Healthy Pets” Act.

The “Healthy Pets” Act is a very bad idea.

The “Healthy Pets” Act will not make dogs healthy.

The “Healthy Pets” Act says, “A father dog with dysplasia can have puppies!”

The “Healthy Pets” Act says, “A mother dog with dysplasia can have puppies!”

The “Healthy Pets” Act says, “A mother dog must be bred before she is two years old!”

The “Healthy Pets” Act says, “A father dog must be bred before he is two years old!”

The OFA says, “Like the hip certification, the OFA will not certify a normal elbow until the dog is 2 years of age.”

The “Healthy Pets” Act will not make pets healthy.

The “Healthy Pets” Act makes Spot cry.

[This educational service has been provided free of charge for reporters, bureaucrats, newspaper columnists and AB 1634 supporters everywhere.]

*“Spot” is my ten year old pit bull. He was adopted from the local pound after being dumped near a freeway offramp when he was about four months old. He developed mild dysplasia in one elbow, and had surgery for severe dysplasia in the other elbow. He has been treated with acupuncture, herbs, Adequan injections and prescription painkillers.

I'm amazed --- OK, not that amazed, but plenty angry --- that the “just one litter for all” provision of AB 1634 mandates that dogs be bred before they are old enough for OFA hip or elbow certification.

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