July 10, 2007

That'd be a great name for a blog...

"I think Lassie's trying to tell us something...what is it, girl?"

Lassie to the rescue! And an oddly familiar title over at the Pet Connection blog ;~)

In other news, is there any proof at all, anywhere, that mandatory spay/neuter legislation has lowered animal control budgets? Not in Santa Cruz, apparently.

Views from both sides [PetPAC, Bob Barker] here.

We know that universal spay/neuter laws get results because they are working in other states across the country. In 2006, Rhode Island passed a spay/neuter law that has been hailed as a success in reducing the number of animals entering the state’s shelters. Also, Massachusetts has seen a drastic reduction in the number of homeless animals due to aggressive spay/neuter programs. In California, universal spay/neuter laws have been implemented in nine areas from Stanislaus to San Bernardino. Santa Cruz County cut its animal shelter population in half after it passed a universal spay/neuter law.
Rhode Island's law affects cats only. San Bernardino County's law is months old. The Stanislaus law is new as well. Mandatory spay/neuter has a very brief, spotty track record. And Santa Cruz? It may help to remember that their law bears no resemblance to AB 1634, and what works in Santa Cruz may not work in Kern County.

As USA Today points out, the nation's most successful spay/neuter programs are all voluntary.

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