February 7, 2008

PETA wants to kill my dogs -- and yours

Ever-so-true billboard courtesy of the greedy breeder at Frogdog Blog.

They do. Really. It's the old "we must destroy the village in order to save it" excuse for mass slaughter. Dogs are miserable, exploited slaves. Owning a dog is the moral equivalent of owning a human. Or so believe the leaders of PETA -- and their solution is to make dogs extinct. "Find companionship with your own kind," lectures PETA prez Ingrid Newkirk. Pity Ingrid wasn't around to give dogs that message when they first sidled up to our campfires: poor beasts might have been spared the misery of long walks, tennis balls, home-cooked meals, the best spot on the sofa and advanced medical care. Silly animals -- how dare they link up with us! Let's kill 'em all, the sooner the better, one breed at a time or in bunches. [Yes, this solution is brought to you by the same folks who equate chickens on farms with Jews in concentration camps.]

And these hypocritical little PETA fascists, sitting on a war chest worth millions, say they have to kill the dogs they collect because the organization can't afford to take care of animals waiting for adoption. How insane is that, to kill a good dog rather than make the effort to place him in a loving, responsible home? PETA calls it "helping to alleviate cruelty and suffering." Suffering like this, I guess.

Did I say "fascists"? PETA also wants the government to have the right to neuter your dog -- all dogs. Weren't planning to breed Scout? Doesn't matter: you're not responsible enough to manage an unaltered dog. Risk of bone cancer? So what? Better your Rottie or Rottie-mix should die an early, agonizing death than for you to look at the science and ask questions and discover that people who really care about animal welfare -- those wild-eyed radicals in Scandinavia, for example -- have made neutering without medical cause against the law. [Imagine that.]

And now, just in time for the Westminster Dog Show, PETA comes up with ads comparing the AKC to the KKK.
“When it comes to contempt for ‘mixed breeds’ and a fetish for ‘pure bloodlines,’ there’s not much difference between the KKK and the AKC,” says PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch.
I'm not making this up. The same group that throws all its weight behind bills designed to restrict dog breeding to purebreds -- California's AB 1634 [until the last desperate minute], Los Angeles city and county neuter mandates -- is accusing the AKC of "contempt for mixed breeds." You know, just like the KKK! Sweet Jebus.

Daphna, you're the ones killing adoptable mutts by the tens of thousands! You're the ones backing legislation that will allow only pedigreed dogs to be bred! You're the ones galloping through town in white sheets, Daphna, taking good dogs out of rural shelters and killing them.

Meanwhile, the AKC helps countless mutts, mixed breeds and purebred dogs get home safely. The AKC isn't perfect by a long shot, but the last time I checked, cross-burning was not on their list of upcoming events.


Forty-eight years ago this month, a brave group of college freshmen changed the course of American history: they began a sit-in at a Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, to protest segregation and racism. The four students cited as motivation the lynching of 14 year old Emmett Till:
[I]n the middle of the night, Roy Bryant and his half-brother, J.W. Milam, showed up at the house where Till was staying. Armed with a pistol and flashlight, they pushed through the house to find Till, forced him to get dressed, then dragged him away as the rest of the family begged them to leave the boy alone. On August 31, three days after the abduction, a boy fishing in the nearby Tallahatchie River found Till’s submerged body. The brutalized corpse was missing an eye, had a severed ear, a bullet hole in the head and he was anchored by a 75-pound cotton gin fan that had been tied to his neck with barbed wire[...]

The trial of Bryant and Milam ended in acquittal, as the all-white, all-male jury–warned by the defense that “their forefathers would turn over in their graves” if the men were convicted–voted not guilty on grounds that the state had failed to prove the identity of the body.

“That sent me some messages,” said Greensboro Four member Franklin McCain[...] “I concluded rather quickly that if that is all this life has to offer, then it’s not worth living.” But McCain and the rest of the Greensboro Four decided to seek change rather than accept the type of life segregation offered, and with their sit-in, they sparked a revolution.
Daphna, tell me again: how do the people at Westminster resemble the KKK?


Anonymous said...

This post should be on the front page of every daily in North America.

Yes, I am a dreamer, why do you ask?

FrogDogz said...

Dude, I so lurve you. Plus, I just bought that poster.

Anonymous said...

"they have to kill the dogs they collect because the organization can't afford to take care of animals waiting for adoption."

I once saw a TV segment on PETA members killing dogs. I was amazed and thought maybe this the work of a few renegade members. It appears to be policy.

Elaine Vigneault said...

Your article conflates too many different topics. You jump around from varied PETA campaigns and don't examine any in real depth. PETA's campaign against the AKC is valid and the AKC absolutely deserves it.

Your broad generalizations are wrong and dangerous. It shows you're not really paying attention. You're just smearing.

You simply dont understand or appreciate the PETA argument and you can't debate with someone you don't understand, so please stop trying to tear them down and start trying to understand them.

Anonymous said...

You said PETA euthanizes by the tens of thousands - actually just over 14,000 since the inception of their Community Animal Project over 20 years ago. Some shelters euthanize half that total number in one year. PETA is not a shelter. Could you show me 14,000 homes? The staffers who have adopted dogs and cats love them like children. There just aren't enough homes in this world for all the homeless animals, and confining them to a cage, 2,000 or so every year just for one county alone, is impossible. Stopping breeding would stop people from buying dogs as accessories a la Paris Hilton, who has bought 25 dogs. I encourage you to visit us at PETA, volunteer with other staffers delivering doghouses and straw to needy dogs in the winter, and see for yourself what goes on at PETA. We are nice people who just want the world to impart less suffering towards animals. Hope to see you soon :-)

Luisa said...

C’mon, you can do it -- take a deep breath, and say it with me: pit bulls. Pit bulls! I bet you could spell it, too, if you tried.

PETA’s KKK ad ends with the message: “All dogs are created equal. Fight breedism.”

This from the group that spreads urban legends, supports BSL and wants all pit bulls dead. The group whose Vice President called the Vick dogs “ticking time bombs” that should all be killed, the sooner the better, because of their breed. [How much time did she spend with them, I wonder?] Forget individual evaluations: just kill them all.

From Nathan Winograd’s blog: Reno News Gazette writer Mark Robison put it best: “PETA and the Humane Society of the United States lobbied to have all of the pit bulls killed. These organizations really need to be shamed for promoting death instead of life for rescued animals; their opposition to no-kill efforts is simply inexcusable.”

Terrierman takes a look at PETA’s killing stats here.

Recommendations for people who want to help dogs and cats can be found here. There’s much more on Nathan Winograd’s site, linked above.

I don’t want to live in a world without pit bulls, pugs, border collies, Jack Russells and French bulldogs. I don’t want to live in a world without mutts.

PETA does.

Lend them a hand? No. They’ll have to pursue that dream on someone else’s dime.

Anonymous said...

What I find especially hilarious about Peta and the others of their ilk is the complete disconnect between what they espouse as their goal and what they actually do.

I actually do believe that all animals are equal - different, but equal and deserving of respect and consideration. But then, I'm not a Peta drone.

How can they say out of one side of their face that all animals are equal AND equal to humans, then not only advocate their mass killing but engage in it themselves? They are serial killers plain and simple based on their own creed.

Here's another joke - if all animals are equal, what puts them in a position to speak for others? Who appointed them as arbiters of life and death, of domestication vs a miserable life scavenging (speaking specifically of dogs here). Did the animals have an election and vote for Ingrid and Wayne?

The whole AR meme highlights what Goebbels, the master, well knew - a statement doesn't have to be true, it just has to be repeated so often that the masses believe it to be true (the 'pet overpopulation' program is a prime example of how it works). His essays are quite entertaining and I'm sure they are required reading at the robbers' camps in Norfolk, DC and elsewhere.

btw, I think The Animal (abused, unloved, unwanted, deserving of a humane death) was bitten by a 'pit bull', possibly while trying to murder him. Hence her hatred of 'pit bulls' which as we know are all dogs and no dogs at the same time.

I think they prefer when animals don't object to the humane outcome they have decreed for them - they like them meek and trusting, like their supporters.

Anonymous said...

And now PeTA's picking on helpless (hapless?) nerds!


Warning! This is an amusing, insightful - NSFW link.

Anonymous said...

I wish Peta would just go away....
I have raised animals all my life.. We have a Rotty who would lick you before even knowing you.
I believe a dog is the kind of dog they are from how they are raised.
We have never had a mean dog. But my sister did, why because her husband teased it, made it that way. Dogs love their owners and want to please.
So instead of Peta going ofter responable owners, go after the ones who are not and leave the rest of us alone.
They need to go after the owners and fix them instead of the dogs...

Anonymous said...

Their euthanizing of strays at the home office in Virginia explains the walk-in meat locker they have there. I saw that big freezer referenced by two separate and distinct sources, one of which got a confirmation by phone from a org rep. I wonder where PETA stands on the DDT issue- with doctors who say that malaria (and the germ-carrying mosquitoes who pass it around) could be wiped out in months, or with the Rachel Carson-types who have fought to keep it banned so that bird eggs won't get destroyed?
Hmmmm, lemme guess...

JackAShepherd said...

PETA/HSUS care about the welfare of animals and, contrary to what the minions may think, *absolutely do not* believe that an animal is better off dead than as a well-cared-for companion. They protest against the adoption of purebreds because of the homeless animals who get left behind, not because they hate the actual purebred dogs themselves and wish them ill. Why would HSUS try to kill spoiled show dogs while simultaneously working to find homes for shelter dogs (and cats), and campaigning against cruelty? What on earth would their motive be? People are willing to believe the strangest, most unfair things about PETA. I bet you also believe Obama's Muslim and was born in Kenya?

Luisa said...

Here's your long form, JackAS. Read it and weep.

Anonymous said...

People Eating Tasty Animals: The Krazy Ku Klux Klan of animal rights since 1980