February 8, 2008

PEOPLE Magazine: check. it. out.

OMG OMG OMG please pretend you don't know me while I squee like a fangirl. Seriously, go to the BAD RAP Blog this minute and enjoy. They have all kinds of good news to share. [Get some rest, you guys -- you deserve it.]

Take a look at those happy dogs, will you...! And so calm [smothers laughter]. Here's a snippet of video taken during the photo shoot. Gah, I love pibbles. Good on ya, BAD RAP, for those great bully smiles.


No BSL said...

I`m happy,happy,happy,happy and I`m a blog stalker.
I want to see it over and over and over again.
I don`t care how many blogs post it.
I will visit all.

This is what we want to see Media people.

The truth.

2008 The Year of the Pit Bull

Social Mange said...

Thanks for posting the video! The squirming was too funny, like a bunch of kids waiting to get a class photo taken! :-)