February 21, 2008

She sounded like this

Her voice was deeper, though. And more sustained; but I'm remembering how she sounded when she had something cornered or treed. She was a sturdy tri with dark eyeliner. When she was a very young pup her tail was broken, maybe a fourth of the way from the tip: her mother sat on it. The vet splinted it with scotch tape, and it healed all right but there was a permanent bump. My girl was the smallest one in the litter. Thirty-five dollars, I think is what Dad paid for her. Up at the cabin she slept by my bed, and on cold nights I'd walk her out on a lead and look at the shadowy forest and the stars as she sniffed around. My good girl.

Big hat tip to Henry Chappell of Home Range for posting Proper Beagle Work. I spent the rest of that night screening videos for a beagle with a voice like my girl's. As Henry writes, "There's no music like hound music."

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Henry Chappell said...

Many thanks, Luisa! I really enjoyed your post - it brings back great memories.