June 7, 2008

That raccoon balloon

Regarding that little raccoon bobbing in the lower left hand corner of the blog: it's about a contest. Balloonacy bills itself as "the World's first internet balloon race," with competitors hopping, er, flying from one participating blog to another and earning miles based on the number of pages they visit. [All for the greater glory of Orange. May my Irish friends forgive me.] Nicky at the ever-cool Monster-Munch blog turned me on to the whole thing.

I'm madly in love with the idea for this contest: win things by visiting lots of new sites! I'm not a UK resident so I can't enter the contest proper, but I can at least add my blog to the map and visit some of the other web pages. Wouldn't a contest like this be a brilliant way to raise money for worthy causes? Someone bring Son of Balloonacy to the U.S., please.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but the one thing I don't love about it is how long it takes to load, because it's so graphic-intense. I sure wish you'd simplify it, rather than adding more "thingies"!


Luisa said...

Emily, thanks for letting me know -- I'll tweak it tonight, see what I can do. I'm a speed freak myself, and few things bug me more than pages taking forever to load :~(

2halves said...

Totally unrelated to todays post, but close to your heart...


Luisa said...

Great doG Almighty! Incredible news. Thanks, Pia!!!!!!!!