June 20, 2008

"German shepherd Congo euthanized after another attack"

Yeah, that Congo.

Here's the story from the Star-Ledger:
Congo the German shepherd attacked again -- this time a member of his owners' family in Princeton Township, according to a report in the Times of Trenton.

As a result, the local couple who fought a successful high-profile campaign to spare their beloved Congo from a death sentence after he mauled a landscaper on their property last year had Congo and three of their other dogs euthanized this morning after the dogs attacked a relative visiting their home Tuesday, authorities said.

The four dogs attacked 75-year-old Constance Ladd, the mother of one of the dogs' owners, Elizabeth James, police Detective Sgt. Ernie Silagyi said today.

Congo gained national attention last year as he faced a death sentence after mauling a landscaper on his owners' property.
From the Times of Trenton report:
Although police said it wasn't immediately clear what sparked the attack or which of the dogs owned by Guy James and his wife Elizabeth actually bit Ladd, the Princetons' Regional Health Officer David Henry said all four apparently inflicted bite wounds.

Despite the severity of the incident and the family's decision to euthanize the dogs, the victim's son-in-law, Guy James, strongly objected to its characterization by police as an attack by his dogs.

"I don't want people who were supportive of Congo (after last year's landscaper mauling) to think they were supporting a bad dog," Guy James said in an interview. He said Tuesday's unfortunate encounter between the dogs and his mother-in-law "wasn't an attack at all. It was dogs jumping."
The 75-year-old victim remains hospitalized. In-depth coverage here, in the Times.


Bill Fosher said...

Dogs jumping ... and sinking their teeth into flesh. No. Not an attack. Good dogs. Live long and prosper.

Mr. James -- here's hoping you never ever get yourself another dog.

YesBiscuit! said...

So is it a case of dogs biting or dogs jumping or maybe the dogs were just yelling in Spanish about how they wanted to take a shower...

Geez, who on Earth could have ever predicted this?

Luisa said...

Yeah, who'd a thunk it?

He's a piece of work, that owner. Amen, Bill: Mr. James shouldn't own a goldfish, if you ask me. That poor grandmother! And those poor dogs.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Those dogs were not well bred or well trained. They clearly had a pack mentality. Dogs jumping up is one thing, but biting flesh is another. If the dogs were prone to jumping why weren't they trained not to.

What a fiasco. Unfortunately, some American bred GSD's lack the intelligence, character and temperament. You can tell by the way they are very large the bleached coloring (should be deep rust and black), bad hips, big flat paws. Congo is that dog. Owners buy the big GSD's for reasons other than a healthy family pet.