June 17, 2008


OMG, it just doesn't get any better than this.


In other blogging news, I am using a new Firefox 3 feature to eviscerate all quotes from Associated Press.


Anonymous said...

Really, you like the new Firefox???
I HATE it! :(((

I've had it running for under an hour and it's crashed twice on me; I hate the new look (so gray and imposing!); I hate the vertical scrollbar space that moves several lines down at a time instead of one when clicked; and I hate that there's no "new tab" icon in the upper left corner of the tabs anymore. And I've only been using it for an hour! I wish there was a way to go back, because I would NEVER have "upgraded" if I had had a chance to try it out first :(((

Bill Fosher said...

I can't get on the mozilla site now, but when I checked earlier today there was no version 3 posted for Mac OS -- only a release candidate version.

Much as I love Firefox 2 compared to Safari, I'm not going to fight a bandwidth battle to be a beta tester.

Luisa said...

Hi, Bill --

Have you checked here? Looks to me as if there's a 3.0 available for Mac OS X. Unless... darn it, Bill, are you on that Gujarati kick again?