June 28, 2008

NatGeo's "Animals Adrift"

National Geographic posted this memorable image by photographer Joe Raedle, who must have been in a boat. Check out the galleries [Animals Adrift (June, 2008); New Orleans People, Pets Flee Flood (August, 2005); California Fires Force Animal Evacuation (October 24, 2007)] here. From the link:
In recent days heavy rains and failed levees have fueled the worst Midwest flooding in 15 years, killing 24 people and claiming an unknown number of pets, livestock, and wildlife.
Over at Pet Connection, Christie posted links for those wishing to donate and/or volunteer to help flood victims. [Wise, if cynical, remark in the comments section: "I would caution everyone to employ the utmost skepticism about any individual’s or organization’s self-accounting of their own disaster heroics. Especially when done in the vicinity of a PayPal button."]

Edited to add: The Boston Globe online has a great new blog called The Big Picture: News Stories in Photographs. The editor is Alan Taylor, who has a keen eye for the indelible photo. You can check out some mind-boggling shots of the Midwest floods here.

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