June 9, 2008

"The Netherlands to lift 15-year ban on owning, breeding pit bulls"

Thanks to the most awesome Pia for this great news! Associated Press has the story:
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - *** government says *** will lift *** long-standing ban *** did not lead to *** decrease in bite incidents.

Agriculture Minister *** informed parliament *** . *** country will focus on *** local leashing laws *** owner education programs.
Hope it won't take Ontario, Canada and Denver, Colorado fifteen years to come to their senses. Great, great, great news. Thanks again to Pia for sending word.

Edited because word on the street is, AP is going after teh bloggerz.

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Dog lover uk said...

its good to see the dutch have relised its not the breeds thought but the owners.
a very good idea about having to do training coursers and having behaviour tests for your dog,this would prove that some one willing to put the time and effort and commitment in should and does deserve a pitbull.
plus it would allow fresh blood and gene pools to be brought over from other countrys to help stabalise the poorly and mainly inter breed dogs that we have in these countrys were they are baned.
a exellent and smart call all round . shame the uk couldnt adopt such clever approach as the netherlands.
if the uk was to adopt the same policy it would stop all the poorly cross breeding of vicious dogs that people try to pass of as pitbulls because they simply half resemble a pitbull looking dog with a behaviour philosophy of breeding visious dog with visious dog. which in turn give the poor pitbull a even bader name when really they are not pitbulls but crossed bred dogs that resemble them.
if in the uk you had your dog tested for behaviour issues and was awarded a proper certificate to say your dog was stable and reached a certain standerd and had that information added in to his chip then that would mean that dog was ok to breed with another dog wich had passed the same tests, this is a sure way to stabalise a certain breed.
and if the goverment really did do there home work they would relise that the familly owned pitbull would cause no more concerns then your average family staffordshire bull terier which is one of the most popular family pets. but the pitbull would be just as safe because of the courses and training that owner and dog would have to go through to prove themselfs.
plus the goverment would relise that game breed pitbulls are completley diffrent dog all together then a everyday pitbull.
a game breed pitbull is not breed on pedigree but only perfomance of the dog in the pit, plus they interbreed these dogs to keep the blood pure for a certain familly of dogs which in turn makes the dog look more of a mongrle looking rat, that you would probaly look at and dismis as a fighting dog and probaly feel sorry for it but is more aggressive and volotile then the everyday pitbull.
it is always a shame the the majority of people have to lose out on a fantastic dog that can be so rewarding and is actually one of the cleverest dogs you could possibly own because of a thew bad people that exploit them.
plus if you take your pitbull to the vets regualy they can tell if your dog is a fighting dog because fighting dogs bite in certain places compared to a strreet squable which then the vet could inform certain authoritys of there findings.