June 16, 2008

Download Day! The launch of Firefox 3 is set for June 17, 2008!

OMG, the latest version of the best browser evah is finally here! Pledge now! Join the ecstatic multitude and help set a Guinness World Record!

Firefox really is faster [much], better and safer, and if you've never tried it, now is the time to switch to this most excellent browser. Downloading Firefox is a snap, and it's free. It won't mess up your computer, you'll still have all your Windows stuff, the new browser is easy to remove if you decide you hate it [you won't, I promise], and if Windows Internet Explorer has been your only browser to date, once you've tried Firefox you'll never, ever go back. Firefox for the win, people!

Download Day - SpanishDownload Day - German

Download Day - FrenchDownload Day - Italian

Download Day - JapaneseDownload Day - Polish

Download Day - PortugueseDownload Day - Russian
Download Day - ChineseDownload Day - Farsi

I love it. Firefox is available in dozens more languages, by the way. And so many cool buttons...! [Green or pink? Hmmm...]

Oh, and web pages will display properly. [Web standards and all that.] Folks using Safari and Opera — good on you. Internet Explorer users — try Firefox. You'll be so glad you did.

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