June 19, 2008

Tomorrow is 'Take Your Dog to Work' Day

Or, as Laura Hicks of the L & M Ranch might say, "Life as we know it." I swiped the beautiful photo above from Laura's most excellent new blog. [Link is also in the sidebar]. Visit her site for lots of good photos and good reads about ranching with stockdogs. This is as perfect a day as any to recommend all the sites in the Border Collie Blogroll, not to mention Bill's blog and the Sheep Production Forum site.

"Apart from his work, there is not much to be said about the Border collie."

In addition to being a top hand with a dog, Laura is also a member of the Trials Committee organizing the 2008 USBCHA Sheepdog Finals in Sturgis, SD. The 2008 Finals website is the work of Pearse Ward, also a top hand. Those names may be familiar, even if you're not a border collie person. Here's a bit more about Laura. [Her Zac was the All-Around Stockdog Award winner at the 2007 National Finals.] And here is a photo of Pearse and his Riel.

I've already taken my dog to work (two of 'em) and would like to wish everyone with working dogs, as well as all of those who work with dogs, a very safe and happy TYDTW Day.

[The pullquote is by A. Croxton Smith, "Britain's leading canine authority," quoted by Tim Longton and Edward Hart in The Sheepdog: Its Work and Training, 1976.]

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