March 1, 2008

Down on the farm: time's arrow, time's cycle

Sans flash. First Daughter snug in a blue blankie towel, Second Daughter in the process of being unwrapped, and Third Daughter on the way.

Triplets — all girls! How cool is that :~))) First-time mom, and she was excellent. The human girls had their nails done in honor of the occasion. [The Boer doe belongs to a local high school student.] These photos were taken late Thursday night — mother and babies are doing very well.

One more time, with flash goodness. Slippery, messy, bloodstained: yep, everything's looking OK.

More towels! (How did goats ever manage to do this without our help?)

"Injection of goat placental tissue will make one appear to be 5 years younger, while continuous treatment may make one 10 years younger!" I must inject myself immediately.

Three perfect babies — one tired mom.

A full tummy, a new friend, four functional legs: it's all good. Welcome to the world, Java!

[Post title from the book by Stephen Jay Gould.]

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Bill Fosher said...

So sweet you could almost forget they're goats.