January 7, 2010

Big whoop: Coyotes yip, shriek, howl the night away

" Anything you can sing, I can sing louder
I can sing anything louder than you
No you can't, Yes I can, No you can't, Yes I can
No you can't, Yes I can, yes I can!" Coyotes on Flickr by matt knoth.

Gah, I love this music. Great big hat tip to Camera Trap Codger, the man behind this beaut of a photo and many others.

Heard something like Track #3 right under the window up at the cabin this summer. Coyotes are loud. That scrawny chest hides a mighty amplifier. Track #6 and Track #20 sound like standard cabin serenades, the ones that wake me up at two or three in the morning happy to be warm and safe inside. Great vocalists, coyotes.


Wild Coyote Sounds
at Soundboard.


Retrieverman said...

Coyotes making noise can launch virtually every dog where I live.

Most of the dogs I've been around, even those that are not even remotely dog aggressive, hate coyotes. I have no idea what it is, but they hate them.

Unknown said...

I love coyote song! For years, where I worked, there was a lone, female coyote who sang to herself. She's yip, yip, hoooowwwllll in the canyon and would listen in earnest to the responding yip, yip, hoooowwwlll. :)

Heather Houlahan said...

Foster dog Barry White DISAPPROVES.

But it made him come running into the living room and assert his opinion about something, which is a Very Good Thing.

S. Serrano said...

What a hoot. LilyMunster-pug wants a piece of them!! She sat with her little flat face pushed as hard as she could push it right on the speaker. Big tilts-of-the-head as she strained to "see" the coyotes. Wonder what they're saying?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I played track one turned up loud. Dogs lifted their heads, looked toward the front door (blizzard outside) and went back to sleep.

*Husband* cocked his head, perked his ears, squinted his eyes and said "Wow, they're REALLY going at it tonight, aren't they!"