January 2, 2010

After midnight

"St. Sylvester mummers (Silvesterklausen) perform in the village of Urnaesch in the region of Appenzell, December 31 2009. Three very different groups of mummers distinguished as the beautiful (Schoene), the ugly (Wueschte) and the less ugly (Schoe-Wueschte) dressed up in costumes made of twigs, cones, mosses and dried leaves proceed from house to house in small groups singing and ringing their bells wishing families a prosperous year." Best. costumes. ever.
Photo by Miro Kuzmanovic for Reuters, via
The Big Picture.

Random stuff.

Quote o' the day:
Man, nothing saps my motivation to write like smart people I agree with writing about the same topic. [Ars Technica]
Yet I must somehow find the energy to provide linkage, at least.

Interesting questions that have brought readers [via Google] to the blog this evening:
when will eye open after sticthes from dog bite
do hyenes bite harder than bears

The worst movie of the decade, says Ta-Nehisi Coates. OMG yes. Steve Lopez killed it dead: "an artless, dated and manipulative morality tale on the evils of the sprawling metropolis, shot with a long lens from behind the bars of a gated seaside community." It reeked, but Steve's slapdown totally rocked.

From fave design blog Desire to Inspire, three installments of a regular feature:

All this and great health care, too: urban Swede and rural Swede. Beautiful.

Finally, from the December trip up north, a breathtakingly fit and lovely greyhound [recently retired], regaining composure after an unsettling run in with an off-lead, out-of-control border collie. No, not one of mine: they were home in SoCal.

Thunder thighs like an Olympic ice skater. What a beautiful dog. Click for bigger.

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