July 30, 2009

Ask Dr. Science!

What kind of dog is that? Hard to tell, sometimes, with a pound pup or shelter mix. Take Smoky, my cur-dog [when you pry his leash from my cold, dead fingers, you hate-mongering BSL wingnuts]. Smoke has the fullness below the eyes common to bull breeds, along with a hound's voice, a sheepdog's temperament, a brindle coat and a blue-black spot on his tongue. Pit/GSD? Plott/Chow? Beagle/Boxer/Bull mastiff? Search me.

But looks are all that matter to the breed-hating nutters, and they'd slap a muzzle and other restrictions on my good dog in a New York minute, if they could, or even haul him off to be killed -- never mind that Smoke loves everyone he meets and has never harmed or threatened to harm a soul. He looks like a pit mix, and BSL has everything to do with how a dog looks. As opposed to, I dunno, say actual temperament and behavior.

Enter Mixed-Breed Dog DNA Analysis.

Enter Animal Farm Foundation.

Take the Animal Farm Foundation's test [pdf link here; H/T Bad Rap Blog] and find out whether you know a "pit bull" mix when you see one. [Click on the image below for a real darn big (1000 x 1500px) jpg version]:

Will DNA analysis change the wingnuts' narrow little minds? We'll see. It took the Vatican 359 years to admit Galileo was right after all, but sooner or later, science trumps superstition. Eppur si muove, you breed-hating chuckleheads. Eppur si muove.

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Anonymous said...

My Audie's BFF is a lovely, sweet-natured, big-boned brindle boy who could be Smoke's littermate. His people refer to him as a Canardly - as in "you can 'ardly" tell what the heck he is.

The really dangerous critters are the mindless breed-hating nutters that walk on two legs. I vote that we speuter or euthanize them.