July 27, 2009

Pug climbs Mt. Whitney!

Yes, that's rib definition. Lily, my sister's awesome mountain goat pug, bouldering on the way home from Elephant Rock. Click for big.

I keed. But if any pug could climb California's highest peak, it'd be Lily. She rock-scrambles like nobody's business. The photo above was taken during her second, second for crying out loud hike of the day. Totally unposed shot, just Princess Lily doing her thing.

Did I mention that Lily is the smartest, fittest, best-behaved and most biddable pug in the history of pugs? All credit to my sis, who employs a highly modified nothing-in-life-is-free/Cesar Millan + pink party dresses + daily hikes + tons of love & laptime approach to dog training. Seriously, I'd put Smoke in a pink party dress if I thought it would produce off-lead behavior like Lily's.

That's my boy! Smoky does his part to increase hillside erosion. "Look, Mom! I'm a mountain cur!" He's wearing his hunter-orange collar and a Big Bear Lake bandana, and he is totally in love with Lily.

1 comment:

Heather Houlahan said...

ZZ Top Pug.

She's got LEGS and she knows how to use them!