July 23, 2009

Hello Scorpion

Can you see him? I couldn't at first, and my sis couldn't either. Awesome camouflage for a two-inch [from head... er, cephalothorax to stinger] little arthropod hanging out in the water box. Our buddy D spotted him before any stingage occurred.

Posted from the San Bernardino National Forest, near Big Bear Lake, California, with my sister's pug Lily asleep on my lap.


EmilyS said...

I eagerly await your "hello tick" and "hello mosquito" blogs.
I think you cheated by going with the coyote.


Luisa said...

Emily, we're pretty in pink thanks to all the generic Caladryl. Dern skeeters. No ticks [knock wood]. I've never seen one up here. Course, I'd never seen a scorpion around here either, until yesterday.

Wait'll you see "Hello Female Black-headed Grosbeak." Riveting stuff!

Anonymous said...

I still have a vivid memory of the time I visited a really scummy bar in some tiny town in Nevada (the only kind travelling a geologist visits). After a beer or two I had to use the facilities - which were, I am sorry to say, even filthier than the bar. As I stood over a toilet that was filthier than Lenny Bruce's mouth, I saw something move near my foot.

Although my first thought was how odd it was to see a roach with claws - I quickly realized that this wasn't a cockroach and I was wearing sandals. Faced with the impossible choice between sitting on that filthy toilet seat or letting a scorpion crawl over my foot - I elected just to pee on my feet as I high-tailed it out of the stall.

Now when I go to scummy bars I always make sure I'm wearing sturdy - waterproof - footwear.

Three Dog Days said...

I just got back from a week in Big Bear. Sadly, we don't have our own cabin, but the dogs find it exciting to try out a new one each year. We saw lizards, chipmunks and squirrels, but nothing bigger than that. No doubt everyone else heard us coming and made good their escape.