November 1, 2008

CA politics. Also: Pugoween

To think that I once shared a bedroom with a future PAC chair.

Not to sound like a faux-folksy VP candidate or anything, but here's a big shout-out to the Evergreen School District of San Jose, CA -- and specifically to a certain sibling most excellent activist whose letter in favor of Measure T can be found in this morning's Murky News: yes on T! Did I mention that the Governator has put our schoolkids' heads on the chopping block? He has indeed. Vote yes on T, San Jose people!

In related news, the world's most adorable pug turned four yesterday and is off to celebrate Pugoween with friends and relatives even as we speak. Happy B-day, Princess Lily MunsterPug!

More family: "Your parents were very, very brave," a gentleman [who knew my folks back in the day] once told me. California is all Tiger Woods-y now, but in the old days white people were expected to marry white people, etc. As it happens, in 1948 California became the first state since Reconstruction to strike down an anti-miscegenation statute. We led the way then, and we need to lead the way now:

Thanks to Samuel L. Jackson and all the others who have spoken out against the injustice that is Proposition 8. Vote No on 8, Californians! Visit this site for a terrific bunch of videos and much more info, and please: Vote No on 8.

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