November 2, 2008

The Red Vote

Author Sherman Alexie explains to Stephen Colbert why 90% of American Indians Native Americans our nation's indigenous peoples are voting for Obama.

[H/T: The Unapologetic Mexican.]


Sarah said...

Okay, totally off topic, but there's so much to this blog that I can't seem to find your direct e-mail address to write to you directly. I came across this in my search for contact information for Bill Berhow (thanks Google for not helping much!). I've now bookmarked this place- love the entries, love the voice, and it is nice to see another progressive out in the rural areas at the edge of the Central Valley.

Don't know if you have information for Bill- we're looking for a BC to adopt, and he was recommended as someone who would have some good information on that topic, but, well, I can't seem to find his info.

We have an approved ap in with BC rescue, but are casting a wide net...

Mac Crary said...

They were all accomplice in the AIDS Onslaught. They'll stick together. It's the best way to deliver a fait accompli.