November 1, 2008

Happy Día de Muertos!

Death takes a holiday, plans a party. No rest for the wicked, right, Fake America? Calaveras by you know who.

It's Days of the Dead, actually: November 1 [Día de todos santos] and November 2 [Día de los fieles difuntos]. Day of All Saints and Day of All Souls. None of that "you can sleep when you're dead," either. The dead are muy ocupados following the paths of marigold petals from one altar to another, from one harvest festival to another, world without end, amen. So round up a few armloads of marigolds - cempoalxóchitl, the Nahua flower of death and remembrance, the color of the south, where souls go - and build an ofrenda; celebrate the satirical work of the graphic artist José Guadalupe Posada; eat well; grab life with both hands, and remember to set the clocks back. ¡Viva la vida!

Altar de muertos [homenaje a - ¿Quién más? - Posada].

Children's Procession, San Francisco, CA.

Communicating from beyond the grave. ["Can you hear me now?"]

A fave: Pia and dagger [part of this Flickr set].

In Los Angeles, CA:
Festival De La Gente
Día de Muertos at Self Help Graphics

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