October 28, 2008

"Charles Alexander, Born 1922, Meets Obama"

Hat tip: the most excellent Jack & Jill Politics.

From a related thread over at the Daily Kos:
You Have No Idea How Nice Charlie really is...

So I have had the pleasure of living and playing in the Boulder area for over 6 years now. One of my first jobs was working in the historic Hotel Boulderado, and one of the first people I met there was Charlie Alexander. He was a staple in the lobby and ran the vintage elevator for anyone who dared to use it. He would tell anybody and everybody who was within earshot about the stories of his life. He was like a walking history lesson for us ignorant youth. As expected I moved on from the service industry, and sadly lost touch with most of the people at the Boulderado, including Charlie. Now I see this and am crying in my office because this is such a touching story, and because it makes me think of how he used to talk about his wife. Like she was a goddess, as I am sure she was to him. So there is a little more local color about Boulder's Charlie Alexander.
Peace and Love,