November 24, 2008

This is insane

So my beautiful California is burning up — and both Laura and Heather claim it's... snowing. And they have photos — gorgeous, amazing photos — to prove it. Unreal.

Check out Laura's scary post on the worst South Dakota blizzard in 30 years — photos here. And the weather went all Andrew Wyeth [did I mention how much I love Heather's writing?] over at the most excellent Raised by Wolves. I swiped the photo above from Heather's blog because I love the colors. More of her snow scenes here.


Heather Houlahan said...


What was I sayin' just the other day to my slightly-less-ornery half? I will tell you! I was sayin' "You gotta read the Lassie Get Help blog, 'cuz this chick Luisa has the most amazing art sense and always has these great photographs and architecture and stuff ..."

And there's me own bittersweet lookin' back at me.

You'll be relieved to know that the rain has washed away most of the snow; we are back to mud. More Jackson Pollack than Andrew Wyeth today.

So, small world. Laura and I are sort of dogs-in-law. Our friends Rachel and Stan have a border collie, Cash, they got from Laura (he came to my group classes as a youngster) and one of the Pistons, June -- daughter of Pip, sister to Rosie and Moe. And I think I owe Laura some photos of a run she had at the Nationals in Gettysburg last year.

Luisa said...

Heather, thanks! Two or three degrees of Kevin Bacon from Laura...! [Everybody sing! "It's a small world after all..."] Her dogs are such good workers -- I'd be begging Laura for a pup if I didn't have such a stubborn thing for skinny slick-coats.

You stay warm and be careful back there in all that weather! [/mom voice]