December 7, 2008

I [heart] penguins

Young penguins in love. [Photo from the Daily Mail.]

I have loved penguins [and especially Adélie penguins like the ones above] ever since Mr. Popper. So I'm having a good time following biologist John Carlson's latest trip to the Antarctic, where he is probably counting penguins even as I blog. John usually writes the terrific Prairie Ice posts from his regular stomping grounds in Montana, but he's presently somewhere near Cuverville Island, which is... somewhere south of Tierra del Fuego.

Prairie Ice has great photos, too, and addictive links: I got hooked reading Arctic Auks, for example, and now I want to visit the Far North. How beautiful! No, wait — there are polar bears in the Arctic [and I'm not so sure about that "bear-proofing" thing]. Maybe the Antarctic would be better. What — no showers for how long...? Noah Stryker can tell you. Check out his Scott tent after a storm.

"Scott tent" — how reassuring is that. I think I'll stay here by the 'puter in SoCal and gear up for tomorrow's chilling 64 degrees F.

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