December 25, 2008

The Cuteness: Christmas Edition

Warning: graphic images of a polar bear attack. Witnesses were powerless to intervene, but not, apparently, powerless to take pictures.

These photos are all from the blog ZooBorns, a cuteness timesink that will make holiday-softened minds even mushier.

Go, baby Speed Hippo, go! I am so GIMPshopping this photo.

Dear little Upala's mother wouldn't care for him, so he was transfered to the Wilhelma Kindergarten for young apes. Wouldn't care for him...?! Who wouldn't want to care for such a precious little baby? Good grief, moms these days...!

All these and a ton more at ZooBorns, where everyone is above average on the cuteness scale. [H/T: MAKE Magazine.]

1 comment: said...

You have to love a website that makes you say "awwwww" out loud! I'm adding this one to my favorites...I'm a sucker for adorable babies of many species!