December 20, 2008

Thug Life

From an anonymous [surprise!] comment:
Good lord, the excuses of pit bull activists are obscene.

Pit bulls and those who want them should be banned.


You;re a threat to the health and safety of communities and are as or more dangerous than thugs armed with guns.
[modestly] I do what I can.

Gotta run — the border collies and I have a busy afternoon of drive-by pit-bullings ahead of us.

The threatening thugs of Bad Rap.


Caveat said...

Yeah, you 'pit bull' activist, you. You and your pathetic excuses, trying to put the blame on incompetent dog owners.

Sounds like Pencil-Neck Nelson or one of his minions.

But 'pit bulls' are threatening, right? RIGHT?

Smart Dogs said...

Be afraid. Be very very afraid... said...

All you have to do is look at the tally for homicides in your community, if you live in any major city in the US, for the year, to see that the thugs with the guns are definately beating out pit bull advocates at being a threat to public safety...KC's homicide count this year is many times the number of deaths nationally from dog attacks...Do these people even listen to themselves?