December 11, 2011

O Groomers!

Always the tchotchkes. Poor Grayling. "Get these things off me!" I did, right after I took a few snaps.

I got Jasper's license last week, and the clerk wrote "Whippet x" on the form. I said, "You think so?" and the clerk said, "We put down whatever the vet says on the rabies cert." OK. He does look whippety. The tail, though, is all Chihuahua.

Then this weekend a customer at the groomers looked at Jaspie and said, "Oh, a pit mix!" I was like, "What?!" She misunderstood my surprise. "Oh, they're very nice dogs!" she said. "My sister has one..."

It's fate, people. Lookit the boy ;~)


EmilyS said...

sorry, L... certainly not an APBT.

Though maybe a "pit bull" in the currently a la mode definition: anything that someone says is a pit bull...

Luisa said...

ChiWhippie ;~)

Jules said...

The Smooshy HATES it when I dress him up for photos too. LOL He just sits there, frozen. Looks like they were good sports about it.

Jules of Canines and Couture

Criosphynx said...

Omg so stinking cute! I'm in socal too, don't see many borders, let alone pretty pretty princessed out ones.