November 22, 2011


Smoky and Jasper make the most of a beautiful morning.

Zoomies, how we love zoomies!

Grayling [whose left front leg is perfectly normal, thanks], Jasper, and an orange. Mmmm, oranges.

As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog. [Jasp'll be neutered as soon as our vet says it wouldn't be detrimental to his health in any way. He was one miserable puppy.]  Can't believe the difference four weeks has made. Has it been a whole month already? Unreal.

Inside, earlier. Rraaarrrrhh!!!


Unknown said...

Jasper struck gold with you!

What a great story!

Luisa said...

Thanks, Diane! He's a pistol ;~) And just the dog I was hoping to find [long pause] three or four years from now. Oh, well -- we plan, God laughs ;~)

KB said...

Jasper is a very lucky dog to have found such a wonderful home! He looks fabulous after just 4 weeks!

Thanks for your kind words over at my blog. I didn't know about your blog until now.

Unknown said...

We would love to have an update! (hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

These two dogs are too cute! My two labs get into some rough housing sometimes as well. Usually the cool weather incites these little riots. I found it hilarious that one of them was chasing the orange and carrying it around in his mouth. We used to have a huge lemon tree in our front yard. Our puppy loved chasing tennis balls, and every now and then she'd mistake a lemon for a ball. She'd bite right into it and make the funniest face on earth! It was adorable, and yet, the sour taste didn't stop her from doing it again and again!