May 19, 2008

Want a dog? Go to class!

It's the law in Switzerland: beginning this fall [and fully in effect by 2010], before you acquire a dog you must take a class on dog care. Then, during your first year with your new canine companion, the two of you must attend a training class so that you will be able to "control your animal in all situations of daily life." [The law already requires dogs in Geneva, Switzerland to be muzzled in public parks: see photo.] You must be un chef dominant, because your dog is un animal hiérarchique, descendant du loup.

Dust off Google Translator [if necessary] and check out this link: Les futurs propriétaires de chiens doivent désormais suivre une formation théorique et pratique.

More here: New Swiss law protects rights of 'social' animals. As opposed to... you know.

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