May 18, 2008

Does this mean I have to join Twitter?


Alltop is is going to be huge, I just know it — huge like the Beatles... huge like Google Earth. The whole "kids in a garage" vibe is thrumming, and I am so there I could just scream: "Alltop! ALLTOP!! AAAALLLLTTTTOOOOPPPPPPP!!!"

Seriously, I'm chuffed, and big thanks to the parties responsible. Damn straight I'm putting the Alltop badge in my sidebar and adding Alltop to the blogroll. Patrick and Gina and Christy are there, and Bobby and just... wow. Alltop.

Wouldn't it would be better if they changed the category from Pets to Animals/Nature/Pets, though? I think it would be better. [runs off to join explore the world of Twitter]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is, but congratulations!

Love the tags, too.