December 2, 2007

Where are they now?

One of the Vick pit bulls.

The Vick survivors are alive and well, I'm sure, and getting the kind of terrific care every dog deserves. Waaay back in October, the BAD RAP folks mentioned on their blog that
BR's Tim Racer flew back to VA to assist attorney Rebecca Huss in re-evaluating the dogs in order to create solid placement recommendations, and, we helped organize the transfer of 16 Vick dogs that were deemed foster care candidates to warm and ready foster homes for TLC and observation.
According to the rescue application, sixteen dogs "showed no sign of aggression or threat to either people or dogs" and were headed to foster placement; two dogs "exhibited suitability for a specialized program for highly energetic and motivated dogs" and will be evaluated for detection work in a program like Law Dogs; twenty dogs showed "fear or a lack of socialization with people or other dogs" and will be placed in sanctuaries with possible fostering in the future; and ten dogs "exhibited mild to intense threat to stimulus and may have shown high arousal towards people," and may spend their lives in a sanctuary program -- although foster care placement in the future is not ruled out entirely for these ten.

Donna of BAD RAP can't give out any details [yet], though foster placement of course means homes with kids, other pets and so on. Keep tuned to the BAD RAP blog -- and this one, too -- for more information on the progress made by these rescued dogs. If only they could talk...

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Anonymous said...

well, we all hope for the best for the vick dogs... but between groups chasing the $1million for their care and the draconian strictness of Huss' guidelines, there may be some doubt.

For example, despite the early publicity, apparently LawDogs and Jessup were not deemed suitable. Which is a darn shame.

you should read this thread:

Luisa said...

Is that $1 million insurance policy the draconian strictness we're talking about? Dunno if it meets the guidelines, but a million-dollar umbrella policy from State Farm costs me maybe $200 a year. I've had one for ages, and not because I'm afraid my dogs will "turn" on someone, but because 1) we live in the most litigious society on the planet, and 2) some people are scary stupid and others are totally unpredictable. Some are scary stupid and totally unpredictable. I can't always control what people are going to do around my dogs [or my livestock].

Have to admit I'm surprised that anyone working with lots of dogs [and people] wouldn't have some serious insurance coverage, but that's just me. Yep, I have earthquake insurance and long-term care insurance, too ;~)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive vibes and especially, for reminding everyone about the Vick dogs, L. They look forward to being able to tell their stories. Hint: this website knows the date

We love State Farm, btw. Every group with an adoption program deserves a solid policy so no opportunistic naysayer can endanger their good programs and especially, their dogs.

I think 2008 will be a good year for pit bulls. It'll certainly be interesting, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

well, it's possible that Jessup is lying when she says the insurance policy had to be in place PRIOR to the application for the Vick dogs, or that the Vick dog that was in her care for Lawdogs was removed for lack of insurance. Or that she is plain wrong that the requirement for a $1 million policy communicates a powerfully negative message about the breed. It does sound like you have a great cheap policy, though I suspect it's because you're an individual rather than an organization.

I look forward to hearing about the dogs, as everyone does . Evidently a few are in good foster homes and hopefully not just the unpitbulls, though statements have been necessarily vague... We know the unpitbulls (beagles et al) were released to the "custody" (gag) of HSUS which immediately turned them over to people who actually care for dogs. Hey, now HSUS can say they actually did something for the Vick dogs... at the same time they continue to scream to kill them.

The rest (pitbulls?) in those shelters throughout the state are probably not so lucky in their level of care. Will they have to wait till the end of the state trial (April 2008) before getting out?