December 23, 2007

Dog rescuer loses her home in a fire

Not that there is ever a good time to lose one's home in a fire, but a few days before Christmas...?

This is Pali Boucher's rescue site: Rocket Dog Rescue. You can read the news story about Rocket Dogs and about the fire here. She lost everything. If you have a few bucks to spare this shopping holiday season, you might consider sending a donation to Rocket Dog Rescue and Pali Boucher.
Rocket Dog Rescue has helped about 3,000 animals over the years - the vast majority saved as they were scheduled for imminent euthanasia at various shelters across Northern California.
And now the rescuer needs help. Sending good vibes and mojo would be nice, but I imagine sending money would be even better. [Contact info is in the SF Gate article.]

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