December 22, 2007

OMG what a drive


Made my annual pilgrimage north to Mission San Juan Bautista in early December. El Teatro Campesino puts on folk plays in the old mission church each Christmas season, and this year the play was La Pastorela. Shepherds, angels, devils [tiny devils, played by local kids] and lots of music. It's always wonderful. The drive up, not so much. The drive home rocked.

Did you know that it's possible to steer with one knee while taking photos through the windshield? [Not that I would ever do this, especially not on the 5, in a downpour, at 70 mph.]

Once the rain was out of the way, though, the trip was grand. Pacheco Pass was beautiful as ever,

the Grapevine had snow on the return trip,


OMG OMG they were south of Gustine, two bulls and a harem, and I pulled over and the bulls started fighting OMG OMG!! Fighting bull elk! With utility towers in the background, what a photo op is that! It was totally awesome.

And I was shooting directly into the sun, so the photos are really blech, but it was a cool moment. More on the native elk here.

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