December 5, 2007

BAD RAP makes great points, PETA scores a [big, fat] zero

Mojo, party animal. [Have you ordered your calendars yet? Better hurry, before they sell out!]

Who wants to kill shelter dogs? Ingrid Newkirk and PETA, that's who. They want all pit bulls dead ["for their own good," of course], and they'll get around to your breed, eventually, since their ultimate goal is the extinction of all domestic animals -- your dogs and cats included.

Irony of ironies, none of this stops PETA from using pit bulls in their ads: "Please send money to help us kill these poor dogs."

Ingrid Newkirk was selling her snake oil at a Berkeley, CA bookstore recently, and who should be in the audience but Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds of BAD RAP. With [gasp!] two pit bulls! And lots of pointed questions. Read all about it here. Yay, our side.

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