September 24, 2009

Kind of a big deal

More proof that black oaks rule.

A big deal for me, anyway. That little gent with the red bib and the big bill is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Hit the link and check out his range map. How'd you wind up in California, dude?

This is actually a wide-ranging [or wide-roving] species, and sightings here in California are "regular but rare," according to the Interwebs. I took these snaps near Big Bear Lake, CA in early August.

"How you doin'?" Couple of nuthatches to the right of the feeder, and down in the lower right-hand corner, a female Black-headed Grosbeak. I think. Click for [a bit] bigger.

The female's in shadow behind the feeder.


Bill Fosher said...

We get a couple of pairs and their broods every summer. I get so I can tell the males apart by the shape of their V. The females are so drab I can't tell one from the other. They're lovely birds.

Luisa said...

One was photographed on the Channel Islands, so help me. Isn't he adorable [squee]. I like a bird with wanderlust. He helps incubate the eggs, too.