June 28, 2008

Comedy Gold

Stop, KIROTV News, you're killin' me!

Such... amazing reportage deserves some sort of award — but before you read the KIROTV writeup, check out the police report:
Police released their incident report Wednesday about a pit bull bite at Lafayette Elementary School in West Seattle.

A 9-year-old girl was playing on the school's playground the morning of June 17 when the brown-and-white pit bull puppy "was playing with her shoelace and accidentally bit her left ankle," according to the report.

A man in a nearby work truck told the girl she probably shouldn't be playing with the pit bull, which scared the girl as it chased her towards the truck. The man kept the girl away from the dog until police arrived.


The pit bull puppy, which was not aggressive and [was] sitting on the playground when police arrived, was taken by a Seattle Animal Shelter officer, according to the report.

A Seattle fire engine responded to the playground to treat the girl, who had small mark and a couple scratches.
And now click on over to the KIROTV report on the same incident. Does that photo of the two heroes rock or what? It ROCKS, I'm telling you. The Onion would be proud.

Hat tip and a big ol' fist-bump to the Bad Rap Blog. Keep on keepin' it real, my homies!

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Anonymous said...

You have to watch those puppies. They'll eat you alive if you're not careful. *eyeroll*