February 6, 2010

No joy in Mudville

Some stay dry while others feel the pain: "A gas company worker digs in front of a flattened home on Manistee Drive, where the flash flood caused a gas leak." Photo by Gary Friedman for the Los Angeles Times.

It was a sucker punch: the last rainstorm was the "bad" one, they told us, and this one was supposed to be comparatively meh. Trouble was, the storm parked itself above L.A. and didn't leave until it had dumped up to 3.5 inches of rain in the foothills, or what's left of the foothills after the monster Station Fire.
[T]he damage was worst at the top of the hill in La Cañada Flintridge's Paradise Valley. The rains made good on worst-case-scenario predictions that geologists and emergency officials have been warning about since the Station fire denuded 250 square miles of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Some residents were awakened by water flooding waist-deep into their homes. Two men rescued a bedridden 86-year-old woman trapped in her room, tethered to an oxygen tank, her bed floating in the rising water.

On Manistee Drive, a white single-story home appeared submerged in several feet of dirt, looking as if a giant child had dropped the house in a sand pit.

"The one time they don't evacuate, this happens," said Justin Jesscoat, an Ocean View Boulevard resident whose parked car was swept down the street. [LAT: 'Niagara' of mud hits homes.]

More rain is expected later this week, oy. Mudpocalypse! Mudmaggedon! Meanwhile, up the hill, they're getting ready to do this all over again:

"Too much snow on the roof!!!" Photo by Rosalinde at RIMOFTHEWORLD.net.

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