February 21, 2010

Brampton dogs: Still on Death Row

Hmmm... sure looks like a pit mix to me. Kilo ponders his fate during Saturday's rally for the boxer-mixes locked up in Brampton. Rambo and Brittany haven't seen their families for over a month, for some damn reason that is too incredibly cruel and stupid and petty for me to imagine. Stay classy, Brampton bureaucrats. [All photos from Facebook's most excellent Injustice Brampton Dogs on Death Row].

This coming weekend there will be a rally in Kingston, Ontario, to protest the persecution of responsible dog owners in the province. The rally will be in front of City Hall, Kingston, at noon on Saturday, February 27th.

As is clear from the situation in Brampton, Ontario law grants officers the right to come into a home with no warrant and confiscate a licensed dog that has committed no offense. If the dog isn't killed for the crime of possessing a short coat and a relatively broad skull, he can be shipped from the province and adopted out to total strangers.

"Issues like this must be thoughtfully and cautiously considered," say Brampton officials, as they spread fear and anguish among law-abiding citizens, and kill or threaten to kill good dogs. "Thoughtfully considered"? Spare me. Like all terrible legislation, Ontario's breed-specific law is at its disastrous worst when interpreted and enforced by idiots bullies like the ones in Brampton.

A few of the signs from Saturday's rally in Brampton. Did I mention that someone in Brampton's City Hall found this blog via Facebook? Leave the Dark Side, Brampton bureaucrats!

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Amen, brudder.


Heather Houlahan said...

I would be scared shitless to take my short-coated dog to such a protest.

Because yeah, obviously, he very well could be next.

And Brampton has no shame.

The captcha word is ovineme. What are the chances?

YesBiscuit! said...

Awesome loldog to go with the story!

smarock10 said...

There is only one way to beat Politicos,take away their 2 main Drugs,GREED and POWER.You Guys Voted them in now VOTE them out.
They are your public SERVANTS.


Social Mange said...

The City of Brampton is now squandering taxpayers' dollars on a Toronto law firm (note - not a Brampton law firm) to persecute dog owners and kill innocent dogs that have done no wrong.

This has just catapulted into the realm of the absurd.


Obviously, the dog catcher wags the dog in Brampton. The Mayor and Council have no control over Animal Services.

Luisa said...

Insane. Here's a direct link: The City of Brampton has hired a Toronto lawyer to help defend the seizure of two dogs last month. Thanks for the heads-up! Off to blog...

Anonymous said...

Brampton MPP (member of provincial parliament) Kuldip Kular charged with Hit and run 23Oct2009. Former MPP and Attorney General Michael Bryant responsible for BSL in Ontario charged with criminal negligence causing death.
Sounds like the politicians should be the ones locked up for the public's safety not these two dogs.
Don't believe me? look these guys up!