February 4, 2010

Brampton officials forget to pull heads in before shutting window. Again.

These two dogs are on death row in Brampton. Crime: not a damn thing. They're nice dogs, with loving - and very worried - owners. Brampton sez they're ticking time bombs, though, on account of being "pit bulls." So Brampton officials have to kill them. It's the law.

How on earth [a commenter wonders] can a city veterinarian, in good conscience, euthanize a healthy dog that 1) has never harmed or threatened to harm anyone; 2) has never been the subject of complaint by neighbors; 3) has never escaped from his yard or been found wandering loose; 4) has a license and a law-abiding owner; and 5) is by all accounts a friendly, much-loved companion?

How can animal control officers justify entering a family's home and taking possession of such a dog?

How can city bureaucrats justify their willingness to inflict such cruelty on a dog and such anguish on law-abiding citizens?

Beats the hell out of me. But it's apparently business as usual in the Ontario city of Brampton: two families are sick with worry and two dogs have been impounded and may be killed, and killed soon, because of Brampton's canine version of the one-drop rule. Doesn't matter if Momma Dog was a Boxer and Dad was an AmBull mix: there might be some pit bull blood in there somewhere, and we can't have that.

Seems Brampton didn't get the memo that ignorance, hysteria and urban legend are terrible grounds for legislation; and Brampton officials lack the balls, the brains and the integrity to take a stand against a crappy law that hurts citizens, kills good dogs and wastes the taxpayers' hard-earned money. And that's where things stand tonight, in 2010, in Ontario, Canada.

H/T: One Bark at a Time

From Brent's awesome KC Dog Blog: The Problems with BSL - Brampton, Ontario Edition [be sure to check out the links]


Anonymous said...

Finally this has been brought out! Just a couple of weeks ago A/C in Brampton put down another gentle dog named Redz, who was licensed as a Mastiff/Boxer mix, BUT Brampton A/C officers decided he was a pit bull anyway. It seems they go "trolling" for dogs there. No wonder the place is starting to look like Fort Knox with the extra security that have had to put up in order to protect themselves from distraught owners. In a city that is so ethically diversed I am amazed that they condone discriminaton and profiling based on looks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you this "Annonymous" but you so got your facts completely wrong.You and many like you really need to research before you spread lies and rumors.

trainer said...

Anonymous #2 - what are the facts?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, what exactly are the "lies and rumors" your speaking of? I've been following this story pretty closely and what is written above seems pretty accurate to me. If you have any facts that "he/her and many like him/her" do not have then kindly state them and please state your source. Did you suffer a personal experience of some sort having to do with the BSL? We all know that emotions are running high on this issue. I want to hear what you have to say so please, defend your statements as they are bold ones.

Meaghan Edwards said...

2nd, anonymous, Michael Bryant, is that you?